In principle, an hourly rate is applicable of EUR 295,- excluding VAT (in The Netherlands presently 21%, if applicable) and 4% office costs. Also, additional costs (disbursements) as court fees, costs of experts and other external costs incurred in connection with the case are charged. Other rate agreements can of course be made based on the specific circumstances of the case. It is also conceivable that a prior estimate is given of the total amount or a fixed maximum amount is agreed upon, all this based on specific agreed principles and assumptions.  The Dutch Bar Association does not allow its members to take cases on a no cure no pay basis, with some exceptions in cases of personal injuries or debt collection. 


Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans is also able to provide assistance on the basis of publicly funded, so-called pro bono, decisions of the Law Assistance Council (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand), depending on the relevant legal area. If you qualify, you do need to pay a contribution depending on the amount of your income in the so-called reference year. The reference year is basically the calendar year two years prior to the current year. In 2020 the base year is therefore 2018. In some cases the reference year could be shifted to one year later.


Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans applies the principle that for an initial interview of maximum one hour no fee is calculated. After this meeting you can decide if you really want to assign the case to Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans and we can determine if we can accept such assignment. One reason not to accept an assignment could be located for example in a potential conflict of interest with another client of our office or with the Rabobank organization (to which mr. R.H.J. Koopmans is connected).