Robert Koopmans has over 40 years of banking and legal experience. He has worked in various positions at ABN AMRO Bank NV, the law firm Clifford Chance LLP and the Rabobank organization.

He is a member of the Amsterdam Bar and of the Royal Netherlands Association of International Law, the Dutch Royal Association on Trade Law, the Dutch Restructuring Association and the Dutch Association for Sport and Law. 
Robert Koopmans is registered as a lawyer in the Netherlands with the Dutch Bar Association, Monarch Tower, Prinses Beatrixlaan 5, 2595 AK The Hague, telephone +31-70-3353535, email: and with the Amsterdam Bar Association, Paulus Potterstraat 18, 1071 DA Amsterdam, telephone +31-20-5896000, email:

The office of  Robert Koopmans is located in the Vogelstruys Building at Hullenbergweg 280, 1101 BV Amsterdam near subway station Bullewijk. Visit there only after prior appointment. You will then be given directions. Appointments can of course also be made elsewhere, if that is more convenient for you.
Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans co-operates with De Loos en Schrijver lawyers in Wassenaar, Moderne Meesters Advocaten in Utrecht, and various other lawoffices.
Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans BV has its registered office in Groenekan, The Netherlands. The company is registered in the trade register at the Chamber of Commerce under number 30201622. The agreements with law firm RHJ Koopmans BV are subject to Dutch law. Disputes will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.
Lawfirm RHJ Koopmans is not affiliated with the Disputes Committee for Solicitors, but is in prevailing cases prepared to submit thereto  by deed of compromise. Information about these disputes committee can be found at https;// Complaints should initially be submitted to Robert Koopmans.  Complaints could furthermore be brought to the attention of the Dean of the Amsterdam Bar Association or be submitted to the court. 

On the services provided by our office, the Law on Advocates applies. The Regulations of the Dutch Bar Association and the Association's code of conduct are also applicable to us. You can find it on
At this time, only Robert Koopmans is connected to the law firm as a lawyer. Mr. R.H.J. Koopmans advises, drafts and litigates. 
Mr. Antoine van Grinsven, notary at Dierckxsens, van Grinsven en Franken notaries in Kaatsheuvel and Mr. A. Aaryf of Moderne Meesters Advocatuur in Utrecht  form together with Robert Koopmans the board of the foundation  that administers third parties monies (Stichting Beheer Derdengelden Advocatenkantoor RHJ Koopmans).